Sunday, June 27, 2010

Black and White Cake Design

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Doing a Twilight Themed Wedding?

Love Sucks 2 Necklace ($30) by Coco Bonita Jewelry Designs // Bitten Vampire Belt Buckle ($24) by Arete // Wolf Mask Ring – Hand Polished Metal ($24) by Moon Raven Designs // Movable Vampire Fangs ($28) by jl67 (All stores)

This inspiration board from might give you some ideas.

A Hat for Your Groom?

Consider a fun hat for the groom on your wedding day.  The bride has all kinds of fun accessories, so why not give your groom a hat to accessorize his tuxedo or other wedding day attire?  This hat is courtesy of  There are all kinds of hats to choose from, your groom could wear a derby, a fedora, a tophat, a bowler or a gangster hat.  The only limits are your imagination!


Brides have worn hats for weddings for generations.  This website offers hats of every shape and kind, from cowboy hats to victorian confections.  All photos on this post are from

Parasols in Black and White

Whether black or white a bride's parasol not only shades her from the sun but it also is an attractive accessory for you day and a great prop for photos.  Consider carrying white as the bride, and having your bridesmaids color black or colored parasols.  These photos are from but there are other sites on the web with more options for you in a variety of colors and designs. 


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Black Floral Clutch

Photo and Clutch Bag from: LemkaB's store on

This unique sateen clutch with leather crochet flowers on it makes a bold statement. The flowers come in all different shapes and sizes. Lemka calls them 'night flowers'.  It has a black gemstone sewn in front of them and a tassel made of beads and black chains to one side. The other side of the clucth is plain sateen.

The bag is very elegant, great for day or night.  Great for the bride or as a bridesmaid's gift.

Black and White Photos From Favor Ideas Website

winter wonderland 1


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Etsy Store With Black and White Stickers

All Stickers Shown courtesy of: MAUpromos Etsy store

Accent your favors or guest bags with these stickers sold at MAUpromos store on 

Black and White Flowers

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Having a black and white wedding? This simple bunch of white daisies in a short vase, wrapped in black and white ribbon gives you the look of a tall centerpiece without the exhorbitant costs. Simple white on black table numbers, black napkins, and inexpensive votives complete the look.

Looking for other great looks from this florist? See WDW(Wedding Day Weekly)Blogging For Brides. They have a post called "The Living Necklace" that you have to see! This florist is full of great ideas. Be sure to spend some time reviewing her web site. And if you live nearby arrange a consultation.