Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Louboutin-Real or Fake

Love these funky black Louboutin's with eyeballs all over them, but not sure I'd want to spend the thousands of dollars they cost.  But if you go to Do It Yourself Wedding Planning, they tell you just how to make your own version of this fun footwear.  Most black and white weddings are very formal and tuxedo-ish.  The addition of these babies will wow your guests and give you something to giggle about if there is a stressful moment or two on your wedding day.

Sure weddings are serious business, but every wedding day should have some whimsy.  So for a wedding with whimsy-walk down the aisle in fake Louboutin's even if you can't afford the real thing. And who cares if your great aunt is rolling her eyes at you...your 'eyes' will be rolling right back!