Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What is Formal or Black Tie?

A formal wedding, also known as 'black tie' is ideal for couples who value elegance and tradition. It can often be a very expensive wedding as well, but if your budget isn't as big as your dreams, don't worry. Just ensure that your setting is beautiful and formal. When planning a formal wedding, the location of the wedding ceremony can be a church, hotel, synagogue, country club, large home or garden. Remember you are not limited to these locations; feel free to pick a place that has significance for you and your partner.

For the reception, consider a country club, museum or ballroom. A small orchestra or a standards band will get the guests in the mood. Think about white roses, white orchids, stephanotis and other classic flowers. Drive away in a vintage Rolls Royce or a black stretch limousine. The invitations and announcements should be engraved. Brides will favor the traditional formal ball gown-length dress while the groom wears a black tie or a white tie. Whether you decide on a formal black tie event or a less formal wedding, using a black and white color scheme in never inappropriate.

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