Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Finishing Touch For A Black and White Wedding

Photo courtesy of Chloe's Nails

Erika of Chloe's Nails did this gorgeous manicure.  Edgy, but elegant. Matte but chic. To see how she accomplished this look head to Chloe's Nails, (which is actually Erika's website, I know, confusing) but it's named for her daughter.  Erika used an OPI matte polish called "Lincoln Park After Dark Matte" edged with Seche Vite to make them extra extra shiny.  And to make it look extra elegant.  (All the nail sites recommend buying your Seche Vite at Sally's for the best prices.) 

There aren't many days I regret my advancing years, but this is one of them. I WANT those nails! Alas, they won't work for me, but for my younger counterparts, have fun with the look! And if you're looking for info on Seche Vite YouTube has some great videos on how to use it.  It's worth it to take the time to watch the videos to get the down low on how to apply Seche Vite properly.  

Thank you Erika! I'll be back to your site, hoping for an edgy nail design for a fifty something year old! Or maybe I'll risk the black... on a day I feel really young.

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